Menu Card

Country house-place specialities

1. Old Czech garlic soup with baked bread

2. Plate of toasts with garlic butter (6 pcs)

3. Roast Ostravian sausage, bread, mustard, horseradish (2 pcs)

4. Slovak gnocchi - sour cabbage, smoked meat (500 g)

5. Potato dumplings with smoked meat, sauerkraut & onion (5 pcs.)

6. Toast Selská jizba - piquant mixture of chicken & pork meat on toasts baked with cheese (2 pcs)

7. Smoked plate - home-made smoked pord neck, roast sausage, Moravian smoked meat, mustard, horseradish, bread (500 g)

Vegetarian meals

8. Potatoe pancakes, sauerkraut (4 pcs)

9. Fried cheese, home-made tartar sauce, sauerkraut (100 g)

Cold appetizers

10. Home-made pickled sausage, sauerkraut, bread (1 pc)

11. Pickled Camembert-type cheese with pepper, onion, hot pepper, sauerkraut, bread (2 pcs)

12. Plate of selection -  hard and semi-ripe cheese, Moravian smoked meat, English bacon, sausage, tomato, cucumber, bread (500 g)

Selection of marinated meat prepared on a frying pan

13. Pork schnitzel fried on fat, gherkin (150 g)

14. Marinated pork cutlet with rosemary, cream fresh mushrooms sauce (150 g)

15. Pork neck marinated in garlic and thyme, served with cranberry and rosehip sauce (200 g)

16. Fried chicken schnitzels, home-made tartar sauce (150 g)

17. Chicken breasts marinated in herbs, poured over with cream-basil sauce with grilled tomato (150 g)

18. Chicken meat on skewer marinated in herbes de Provence English bacon, pepper and onion (200 g)

Side dishes

French fries
Potato kroquettes
Boilet potatoes
Mashet potatoes
Bread dumpling
Tartar sauce
Hot sauce


Mixed salad (200 g)

Salad with Balkan cheese (200 g)

Sweet titbits

Ice-cream sundae with fruit & whipped cream

Pancake with fruit, ice-cream, home-made jam, whipped cream

Crepes with home-made jam & whipped cream